Free Games


This might surpise you, but quite a few games out there are available for free. Quality may vary, but free games are often interesting to look at or play with, so here's a list of the 31 free games I've reviewed so far.

How to read this chart (Show)

The chart below contains a brief summary of what to expect from various games. This includes the name of the game, its ESRB rating (if any), the age rating I've assigned to it, and a set of five content warnings.

In some cases, you may see a icon to the left of a game's name. This indicates that a game is recommended for Christian gamers. Games without this icon aren't bad games, but they may include content that Christians find offensive.

The five content warning fields summarize possible issues that may be present in a game. Each field represents a specific category, and a number is used to indicate the severity of the game's content for that category, as shown here:

No Issues 0 1 2 3 4 Severe Issues

Lastly, here is an overview of each of the five categories.

Violence Violence, Blood, and Gore
These three things are grouped together, as they usually come hand-in-hand. Low ratings indicate either no violent content or family friendly violence, like you would find in older arcade games, while higher ratings mean the game is not for the squeamish.
Magic Magic and the Occult
Magic in fiction can be a problem for many Christians; since we are prohibited from practicing it in real life, many Christians also find it troubling to employ it in fiction. Many games also involve cults, demonic themes, and even references to real occult practices. Hence, this category. The sort of magic you'd find in a fairy tale or Disney movie occupies the lower ratings, but dark and twisted themes dominate the higher extremes.
Sex Sexual Content
Not to be a prude, but not everyone wants to encounter suggestive or NSFW material while playing a game. This category is fairly obvious, with lower values meaning there's no sexual content or perhaps a skimpy outift here or there and the higher values delving into softcore porn or various perversions that players might not want to think about. Actual pornographic games are not rated by this site
Civility Civility
Games can involve a lot of swearing, cheating, racism, illegal behavior, or other actions that we wouldn't want to mimic in real life. This category is a measure of how much of that sort of behavior is present in a game. Sometimes this behavior is optional, but occasionally it's encouraged and rewarded.
Religious / Other Religous / Other
This last category is for things that may only offend people with Christian worldviews, such as the presence of homosexuality or explicit mockery of the Christian Faith.

Games in this Category

RecommendedTITLEESRBRatingGore & ViolenceMagic & OccultSexual ContentBehavioral ConcernsReligious & Other
 Bingo BlitzE - EveryoneAges 13 and up01002
 Candy Crush SagaE - EveryoneAges 10 and up01000
This game is recommendedCaptain Bible in The Dome of DarknessNR - Not RatedEveryone10000
This game is recommendedCave StoryE10 - Everyone (Ages 10 and up)Ages 6 and up11100
This game is recommendedChip's ChallengeNR - Not RatedEveryone10000
This game is recommendedColoring PixelsNR - Not RatedEveryone00000
 Cooking FeverE - EveryoneAges 10 and up00000
 Doom (1993)M - Mature AudiencesAges 13 and up32013
 EversionNR - Not RatedAges 13 and up20000
This game is recommendedFindamajigNR - Not RatedEveryone00000
 GenerativeCity FreerunNR - Not RatedEveryone00000
 HearthstoneT - TeenagersAges 10 and up22101
This game is recommendedHill Climb RacingE - EveryoneAges 6 and up11000
This game is recommendedJoy ExhibitionNR - Not RatedEveryone00000
 Last Hope: Zombie Sniper 3DM - Mature AudiencesAges 13 and up20010
This game is recommendedMeritousNR - Not RatedAges 6 and up11010
This game is recommendedMicrosoft JigsawE - EveryoneAges 6 and up01000
This game is recommendedMicrosoft MahjonggE - EveryoneAges 6 and up00000
This game is recommendedMicrosoft Solitaire CollectionE - EveryoneEveryone00000
This game is recommendedMicrosoft Treasure HuntE - EveryoneEveryone10000
 My Little PonyE - EveryoneAges 6 and up11000
 NeverballNR - Not RatedEveryone00000
 NeverputtNR - Not RatedEveryone00000
 OFFNR - Not RatedAges 13 and up21230
 RoguelightNR - Not RatedAges 6 and up11000
This game is recommendedSimon Tatham's Portable Puzzle CollectionNR - Not RatedEveryone01000
 Spooky's Jump Scare MansionNR - Not RatedAges 13 and up22001
This game is recommendedTaptilesE - EveryoneAges 6 and up00000
This game is recommendedTetzleNR - Not RatedEveryone00000
 ViridiNR - Not RatedAges 6 and up00000
This game is recommendedZen and the Art of TranshumanismNR - Not RatedAges 6 and up00110