Useful Links

The internet is home to many diverse websites. Listed here are some useful or popular sites that can help you find more information about the topics discussed throughout God Minded Gaming.

Game Reviews

This is hardly the only site out there with game reviews. Here are three of the more popular websites, though it might be important to mention that while God Minded Gaming focuses only on PC games, these websites look at console games, movies, and other media.

IGN provides a wide variety of content about modern entertainment, and it's included here for its many reviews of games, TV shows, and movies. They rate the media they review on a scale of 1 to 10, with anything over a 7 being reasonably good quality. In addition to their reviews, they also include walkthroughs for various games, news about technology, upcoming media, and eSports.
This website is a little different than most, as the reviews it provides are averages of many different reviews by other publications. This allows you to instantly glean the general impression people have of a given song, movie, game, or TV show. Their rating system assigns a number between 1 and 100, with anything over 70 being generally viewed as good.
Zero Punctuation
These video reviews by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw are extremely popular, as they tend to give everyone a good laugh along with the review. That said, Yahtzee tends to focus on what's wrong with a game (although this can often be exploited for humor), and he does have a tendency to swear.

Christian Websites

Interested in learning more about Christianity or would you prefer some useful resources for Bible study? Here are a few of my suggestions.

Bible Gateway
To start this list, let's begin with the most essential resource of all. Bible Gateway provides easy access to scores of translations of the Bible online. If you ever want to look up a verse or simply read the Scriptures yourself, this is the best place to do it. Also included are various commentaries, though some of those require a subscription to the website.
Bible Study Tools
As the name suggests, this site provides a wealth of different tools for going deeper into your study of the Bible. One feature that's particularly useful is the interlinear Bible, which allows you to view the original Hebrew and Greek texts. Important words are also rendered as links to their entries in the site's online lexicon, allowing you to see more details than you might expect.
Catholic Bridge
Although the two biggest branches of Christianity agree on many things, there's a lot of bad blood between Catholics and Protestants. Catholic Bridge attempts to help remedy this problem by explaining Catholic beliefs and practices in a manner that makes sense from a Protestant viewpoint. While Protestants like myself might not agree with everything taught by the Catholic Church, we can make an effort to understand where each other is coming from.
Moody Radio
The Moody Bible Institute provides a lot of good material for learning about Christianity, and one of the ways they provide this information is via their official radio station. You can listen to their past and present broadcasts online, which is a great way to get some Bible-based education while you relax with a quiet video game. Of their programs, Treasured Truth with Pastor James Ford Junior is easily my personal favorite.