Glossary Entry: 100% Completion

Quick Definition

This refers to a situation where the player has completed just about every possible activity and objective in a game.

More details

Reaching 100% completion means earning every achievement, completing every quest and side quest, collecting every collectible item, finding every secret, and so on. It can be quite a feat, but a lot of players enjoy the challenge this presents.

Many games are more than happy to assist the player with this endeavor by having some method of tracking the player's overall progress. In fact, there is often a secret ending or other in game prize waiting for players that are willing to go the distance.

Gamers that are especially fond of tackling this sort of challenge often call themselves completionists. Meanwhile, games that indulge this sort of gamer will have an unusually long lifespan, as it encourages the player to play the game again and again.

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