God Minded Gaming's Mission

Back when I started playing video games, it was just an obscure and harmless hobby that nobody thought much about. As time went on and video games became more commonplace, the nature of games themselves changed. As the quality of the graphics and processing power improved, games could tell more vivid and interesting stories.

But, this progress to new and better entertainment brought with it new problems. Better graphics meant that violence and sex could be depicted with more detail, and more complex stories meant that games could now explore concepts that children shouldn't be thinking about. Worse still, games now had the freedom to delve into subjects that Christians find offensive or especially dangerous, such as the occult and offensive depictions of religion.

Perhaps the saddest change that video games have had on society is the most subtle one. There is a growing gap between those that play games and those that do not. This is largely because gamers have grown up with the jargon and concepts from gaming as part of their everyday lives. Many aren't aware they are using slang, and children aren't always able to grasp that other people don't know the same things they do. Thus, people that don't know these terms sometimes respond to innocuous things very inappropriately, which teaches the children invovled that adults are untrustworthy or otherwise unfair. When problems do arise, it can be impossible for a child to explain their side of the situation, and this only makes matters worse.

Now, that's not to say everything is going down the drain. People are aware there is a problem here, and many try to fix it. One example of this is that ratings boards have been established to evaluate the content of games, ensuring it's properly labeled and marketed for the right age groups. Unfortunately, I still see people clamoring for such boards to be formed, which tells me that this information is not reaching its audience.

Of course, there's also the catch that not every game is actually fun to play, and groups I just mentioned aren't there to make that judgment call. Various places online offer reviews of games, but there are issues with these as well. Most focus on what are called AAA titles (ie, the big "blockbuster" titles that get the biggest budget and marketing). Thus a lot of games get ignored and left to depend on word of mouth, and many more die slowly in obscurity. Another issue is that many review sites focus on console games. Computer games outnumber console titles by several orders of magnitude, so there are a lot more games that nobody hears about. Some review sites even mention that they don't play games all of the way through before making a judgment call!

When games aren't reviewed, the purchasers are left to guess about its quality and content. But, if you're not familiar enough with games to even recognize what sort of game you're looking at, how can you be expected to make an informed choice?

Thus, I've created God Minded Gaming, a site that focuses on the many computer games out there. In addition to providing information on what sort of content appears in a title, I've also provided educational materials so that people unfamiliar with gaming can learn just what they need to know to form their own opinion on a game, even one I haven't reviewed yet. Hopefully this can bridge the gap between gamers and non-gamers, and maybe even help you find something unexpected to play and enjoy.