About this site

Interested in knowing more about this website, or are you just curious? Either way, you can find out more details about God Minded Gaming from here.

Contact Me
Should you ever want to tell me something, be it feedback about the site, something you feel I missed when reviewing a game or a suggestion for something to review, you can find out how to send me the message here.

God Minding Gaming's Mission Statement
Although there is a link to this on nearly every page of the website, many people have learned to check the about pages for this sort of information. But, since the goals of God Minded Gaming are more important than the other things this page lists, it's only fitting that it gets referenced here too.

Meet the Machines
While it's useful to know about the content of the games I've reviewed, it's also helpful to know about the computers I've been using to play them. After all, the more you know about my machines, the more you can gauge how well your own computer can handle a program.