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Review: Findamajig

At a Glance

This game is recommended!
This game is not just good fun, it also stays fairly true to Christian moral values, making it a great addition to anyone's library!

ESRB Rating: NR - Not Rated
My Rating: Everyone
Genre: Hidden Object
License: Commercial
Release Year: 2014
Review Published On: November 10, 2017
Played on: Thaddeus

Available from:

Microsoft Store

Save System:

You cannot save your game, but considering they are only a few minutes long, there really isn't a need for a save feature.

However, you can pause the game by clicking on the yellow pause button in the upper left.

Summary of
Major Issues:

None of the items you'll be looking for are questionable or problematic, making this a clean little game.


[view screenshot]
Looking for a pair of quackers

[view screenshot]
If the shoe fits, find an extra one

[view screenshot]
A cactus on a conveyor

Game Overview

Your typical hidden object game is about solving a mystery or embarking on a great adventure, with the puzzles acting as an interactive way for you to help the protagonist search for valuable items or clues. Findamajig, on the other hand, has no story, characters, or even different scenes for you to visit. Instead, it's basically a digital version of the popular game known as "I spy".

Each game features a jumbled mess of objects. You're prompted to search this area for a specific item, and once you find it, the search begins again with a new item. As time goes on, more random objects are added to the screen, which makes it harder to see what you're trying to find. Eventually, time runs out and your score is recorded for posterity.

While this is an incredibly simple game, and won't be able to keep an older child busy for very long, it's still good enough for a long car ride or for those few minutes while waiting for a bus to come along, and that's really all you can expect from a game like this. But hey, it's free, so why not give it a try?

Points of Interest

Two game modes
In the "Seek" mode, you're given the name of the object you need to find, and can take your time locating it. The "Conveyor" mode is more difficult, as the conveyor acts like a time limit. In this mode, a copy of the object you're looking for will move along the conveyor belt. If the copy reaches the right side of the belt before you find the object in the chaos below, the copy will topple down and your game ends.

On a side note, the game maintains two high score boards; one for each mode.
Very simple
Today, the games that are really successful and talked about are the ones that gave players a reason to stick around and play them over and over again. While this is a fun enough game, it doesn't have much to encourage players to return and give it another go. Thus, most of today's gamers are going to go find something else to do after toying with this App for a while.
Very few people like advertising, but at least here it's handled in a reasonable and unobtrusive way. There's only one ad, and it's limited to a banner on the left side of the window. After playing for a while, you might even stop noticing it.

Concerns and Issues

None really
As a general rule, the simpler the game, the less there is to worry about, and this holds true with Findamajig. The only possible exception would be the advertising, but that seems to handled well enough to avoid causing problems.