Review: Last Hope: Zombie Sniper 3D

At a Glance

ESRB Rating: M - Mature Audiences
My Rating: Ages 13 and up
Genre: First Person Shooter
License: Commercial
Release Year: 2014
Review Published On: September 27th, 2017
Played on: Thaddeus

Available from:

Microsoft Store

Save System:

While you can't save during a stage, your progress is saved automatically once you exit the level. If you need to pause during the firefight, just press ESC.

Summary of
Major Issues:

Being a game about shooting lots of zombies, some violence and gore is to be expected. However, both are played down, with the zombies falling apart like dry clay and minimal blood being shown.

Aside from this, characters occasionally swear.


[view screenshot]
Boom. Headshot.

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Taking some time out for target practice

[view screenshot]
A walking Nightmare

Game Overview

Zombies and video games seem like they were made for each other, and Last Hope boils things down to the bare essentials. There are zombies, there are guns, and your role is to apply the latter to the former. You can't even change position or explore during the levels, making this a very bare bones target shooting game.

That said, the actual goals of the stages can vary from "shoot all of the zombies". Sometimes you'll need to protect yourself or someone else from waves of the undead, other times you're trying to defend a building or simply beat the clock. Of course, that's just the story mode. There is also a challenge mode where the rules are unique to each stage, and a survival mode where you try and defend your position from an endless horde of undead rednecks.

As you play, you'll earn badges and coins. The badges can be used to enhance your abilities, while the coins allow you to purchase more supplies, new or upgraded weapons, and even more badges if you really want them. It's worth mentioning that each weapon handles differently, so just going for raw damage output isn't always the best option.

Lastly, it's worth noting that this title is designed for play on mobile devices, but still handles perfectly on your desktop computer. The touch controls are duplicated by the mouse and keyboard quite well, though switching weapons is a bit awkward compared to other first person shooters.

For a no-frills zombie shooter, this is a real gem, and worth a look if you're a fan of other games in the same genre.

Points of Interest

Multiple, unique weapons
You can carry one main weapon, a side arm, and a melee weapon into each stage. Which loadout you use is usually up to you, allowing you to play with your favorites. The only catch is that you'll need to unlock the different weapons by purchasing them from the shop using the coins you've earned playing the game, though this is actually easier to do than you'd expect.
Losing is a tap on the wrist
You don't really need to worry about being defeated by the undead. You still get to keep any of the coins you collected during the stage, and there are no penalties for losing the level beyond requiring you to try it again. Just prepare a better selection of skills, abilities, and weapons and try again. You can also go replay levels you've already cleared to hone your skills or earn more coins to upgrade your favorite firearms.

You don't need to worry about how you score on levels either. If you didn't get a good score, just return to the level once you have better weapons and try it again.
Free ability resets
You trade badges to increase your abilities. Surprisingly, you can also reset your abilities for free, and if you do this, all of the badges you've spent will be refunded. A lot of games offer this sort of feature for a fee and don't refund your items when you purchase a reset, so this is both quite useful and surprising.
Premium features
For those of you that want a little extra, you can purchase a permanent upgrade to the Premium Edition via an in-game purchase. It's only $2.50, and gives you a number of useful perks, including two additional abilities and additional skill and item slots. The new abilities allow you to earn more coins and experience per zombie, allowing you to progress very quickly. Note that this upgrade is completely optional -- you can farm for coins and experience quite easily and comfortably without it.
Very simple game
Since you can't move around or explore, this title is basically a target shooting game. There are also a limited number of enemy designs, with palette swaps being used to indicate stronger zombies. Some gamers can be turned off by this simplicity, but to be fair I called it a no-frills game for a reason.
This game contains advertising
Like many free games these days, there is some advertising present. This amounts to a banner on some of the menus, which is largely ignorable. There is also the option of watching a video advertisement. Watching these videos rewards you with 500 coins, so it might be a little time saver. The Premium Edition removes the advertising, though you still have the option of earning some coins by watching a video.

Concerns and Issues

Mild blood and gore
When shot, zombies flinch and emit a little puff of red. If the blow did enough damage, the zombie will be blown into pieces -- aka gibbed. However, this doesn't really look very realistic or graphic. Instead, it looks like a figure made from playdough is broken up into various parts. Specifically, when a zombie is blown up completely, you'll be able to tell which fragments were arms, legs, or the torso.

On the flip side, when the zombies attack you, your screen turns red and shakes for a moment. If you're "killed", then your viewpoint simply topples over like an overturned camera.
Your buddy Burt will sometimes use some colorful words during levels. Considering the two of you are enduring the zombie apocalypse and he's fearing for his life, I can understand using some harsh language from time to time. It's by no means commonplace in this game, but it's there.
In game purchases
There are a number of things you can purchase or unlock using real money in this game. For example, you can unlock access to all of the levels for a small fee. Other options include unlocking all of the weapons or upgrading to the Premium Edition. Unlocking every weapon is the most expensive option, as it's priced at a whopping $20.99. If you like this game and really want to spend money on it, I'd suggest purchasing the Premium Edition and maxing the new coin gathering ability. You'll be able to afford all the guns your heart desires soon enough.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this game frequently offers sales on specific weapons, items, and coin packs. If you can wait for a sale, you'll get a lot more bang for your buck.