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Additional Notes
This game is also available for Linux! This game offers Achievements (or similar awards)! Steam Trading Cards are available!

Summary of major issues
As you attempt to flee from the dungeon, you'll need to fight your way past a number of fantasy inspired monsters. The actual combat resembles toys being bumped together, so there's no blood or even realism to it.

Another possible issue is that you can use magical items and potions to aid in your quest to reach 10,000,000 points.


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Fighting a Red Dragon

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A well-furnished cell

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Some quests

General Information

Genre:Match 3 ESRB Rating:NR - Not Rated
License:Commercial My Rating:Children (6+)
Played on:Martha
Available from: Gamer's Gate, Steam
Save System:Your progress is automatically saved when you return to your cell.

To pause the game during a run, press ESC. There's no need to pause while you're in your cell block however, as nothing happens without your input.

Game Overview

Match 3 games are everywhere these days, and the best games in the genre are the ones that add new concepts to the old formula. 10,000,000 is clearly one of those games, as matching tiles is only a mechanic rather than the main objective. The need to balance perks, manage your inventory and quickly pick which symbols to clear makes for a fun, compelling game.

The gameplay broken into two sections. The first takes place in your cell, which act as a central hub or base of operations. Before you tackle the dungeon itself, you're free to wander about and examine the adjacent rooms. Each room needs some repairs before you can use them, but once unlocked you can visit these rooms to gain perks that will help you get farther in the dungeon.

Once you're ready, head to the dungeon to begin the second part, which is the game proper. Here you'll be matching tiles to perform actions (for example, to unlock a door you need to match some tiles with keys on them). In order to progress, you need to keep your character running to the right, as the round will end if he is pushed to the left side of the hallway. Monster attacks will shove you back by different amounts, making some more dangerous than others, while chests and locked doors will simply prevent you from moving.

In order to win the game, you need to score at least 10,000,000 points in a single run. Doing this is going to require a lot of perks and a fair amount of chance, but the fun comes from getting there, not just from succeeding in your escape attempt.


Fast-paced gameplay keeps you moving
Most of the time, Match 3 games are pretty quiet and are good for those periods where you just want to sit back and unwind. 10,000,000 is not one of those games. In order to keep the game going, you need to rapidly make your moves and can't afford to slow down. This urgency only increases when you're about to accomplish a quest or gain your freedom.

Each attempt is unique
The areas in the dungeon are filled with obstacles at random, so there's no way you can plan far ahead. There are also areas that are entirely hidden behind locked doors, meaning you'll need to be ready for whatever might be on the other side. If one attempt was particularly bad, just try again and maybe you'll have better luck with a different set of obstacles.

Even your tiles can work against you
The stone and wood tiles provide resources that you can use to improve your cell, but they don't help you overcome any of the dungeon's monsters or traps. Since the other tiles get used up performing actions, these "worthless" tiles can quickly fill the board, blocking your progress.

You can lose the game to a chest or door
The only way to stay alive during your journey into the dungeon is to keep moving to the right. This means that everything that stops you from continuing will end your game. Thus, you can beat any number of golems, dragons, goblins, ninjas, wraiths or other monsters and then end up being defeated by a locked door.

Quests offer additional challenges
As you progress in the game, you'll be given various tasks to complete in the dungeon. These may be as simple as collecting a large amount of a resource to scoring a given number of points in a single attempt. Completing these quests will earn you gold, resources and experience that you can use to earn better perks or harder difficulties.

Steam features add a little extra challenge
There are 14 achievements to earn in this game, and while most of them involve fixing up your cell to the fullest, a few rely on you doing something out of the ordinary. For example, there's an achievement for earning your freedom with every potion active.

There is also a series of Steam trading cards you can earn while you play.


That's all there is
Each journey through the dungeon is much like the one before it. Monsters come and go, tiles get matched and you continue heading to the right of the screen. It's fun enough to play all of the way through, but after you've managed to complete every quest, upgraded every perk, earned every achievement, you'll have seen everything this game has to offer, and there isn't much to encourage you to come back and play it more.

Concerns and Issues

Mild violence
You'll be fighting monsters fairly frequently during the game, though it's not really that violent. When characters fight, they just bump into each other without any special animations. It looks a lot like children's toys being bumped together. Using an item to attack a monster is a little more violent, as it flies out of your inventory and into the target with a dull thud.

Monsters leave corpses
When defeated, monsters leave behind their remains. These resemble deflated parade balloons, and there's no blood or gore of any kind to be seen.

Fantasy monsters
The selection of monsters that can be encountered are your typical stock creatures, like golems, ninjas and goblins, but you can also come across dragons, wraiths and demons. None of these look scary (the demons look something like an upright grasshopper for example), but they are named on the briefing screen as seen on the third screenshot above.

Magic and potions
When fighting, you can use either physical attacks or magical attacks. This is important to consider, as some monsters are resistant to one type of attack. Additionally, one of the rooms in your cell area allows you to make and use various magical potions. Each potion has benefits of some type, but they all also have side effects that compensate for the bonuses. Overall, this is a pretty mild concern as there's no details about how these magical things work. You just choose whether or not to use them.