Although video games have only been around for a few decades, they've become a staple of modern entertainment. Millions, if not billions, of people are playing video games at this very moment. But, despite the fact that they are so ingrained in our culture, there are many rumors, stigmas, and untruths being spread about video games.

Though hardly alone in this venture, this website aims to explain what's really found in video games, and explore the subject from a Christian perspective. That said, while there are many consoles and platforms available today, this site focuses on PC gaming -- ie, playing video games on your home computer. Some of these games may be available for other systems, some may not.

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Recommended Game of the Day

Microsoft Treasure Hunt
ESRB Rating: E - Everyone
My Rating: Everyone
Genre: Puzzle / Adventure
Summary: Microsoft Treasure Hunt is a fancy variation of the classic Minesweeper game. You'll be sending an archeologist through a dangerous tomb, using the numbers in the grid to locate traps. Treasures and powerups* also exist to give you more of an edge in your adventure, and unlike Minesweeper, you can make several mistakes before it's game over.

Today's Glossary Entry

Indie game
Indie games are video games produced by independent developers (ie, someone working outside of a major game studio).

One of the dubious benefits of working independently is the larger amount of leeway available to the developers. This results in games that take larger risks, both in terms of gameplay and content*. Many indie games feature completely unique styles of graphics and gameplay, leading either to great success or great failure. If an indie game is unique and successful enough, it may lead to a new genre of video game.

Lastly, indie games are different from homebrew games*. Aside from typically having larger budgets, indie games are produced as completed products and are distributed by major game retailers or marketplaces.