Although video games have only been around for a few decades, they've become a staple of modern entertainment. Millions, if not billions, of people are playing video games at this very moment. But, despite the fact that they are so ingrained in our culture, there are many rumors, stigmas, and untruths being spread about video games.

Though hardly alone in this venture, this website aims to explain what's really found in video games, and explore the subject from a Christian perspective. That said, while there are many consoles and platforms available today, this site focuses on PC gaming -- ie, playing video games on your home computer. Some of these games may be available for other systems, some may not.

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Recommended Game of the Day

Ultimate Chicken Horse
ESRB Rating: E10 - Everyone (Ages 10 and up)
My Rating: Ages 6 and up
Genre: Party Game / Platformer
Summary: Sometimes, people just want to have some fun together. And sometimes, having fun means screwing with them. Ultimate Chicken Horse is a silly little game about trying to reach the finish line while also preventing your friends from doing the same. Thus, those who survive will be the Ultimate Chicken -- or Horse, or Raccoon, or Cyborg Bunny. Whatever floats your boat.

Today's Glossary Entry

This is a form of magic commonly seen in fantasy settings. It's usually grouped together with dark or evil magic, but it can be considered ethically neutral, depending on how it works and how it's used.

Necromancy specifically refers to branches of magic that involve controlling or contacting the dead. For example, this is the type of magic that creates zombies or allows mediums to talk with the deceased.

Because this is a very broad category of magic, forms of necromancy do exist in real life. All of them are strongly (and often explicitly) condemned in the Bible. Whether or not you're comfortable with using them in a fantasy game is entirely up to you.