Although video games have only been around for a few decades, they've become a staple of modern entertainment. Millions, if not billions, of people are playing video games at this very moment. But, despite the fact that they are so ingrained in our culture, there are many rumors, stigmas, and untruths being spread about video games.

Though hardly alone in this venture, this website aims to explain what's really found in video games, and explore the subject from a Christian perspective. That said, while there are many consoles and platforms available today, this site focuses on PC gaming -- ie, playing video games on your home computer. Some of these games may be available for other systems, some may not.

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Recommended Game of the Day

Peggle Nights
ESRB Rating: E - Everyone
My Rating: Ages 6 and up
Genre: Puzzle
Summary: Peggle Nights is essentially a set of new levels for Peggle that was released as a stand-alone game. All of your favorite Peggle Masters are back, and this time, we're exploring their dreams rather than learning new ways to clear the peg boards.

Today's Glossary Entry

Function (programming)
Inside most programs are little programs. These little programs do simple tasks, like draw an image on a buffer, or replace words in some text. The main benefit of these small programs is that they simplify a programmer's job and allow code to be reused throughout the main program.

These little programs are known by many names, including functions, procedures, routines, and subroutines.