Glossary Entry: Pentagram

Quick Definition

Technically, a pentagram is a perfectly formed five pointed star. Most of the time though, the term refers to a perfect star formed inside of a pentagon. Pentagrams are almost exclusively used to refer to magic or the occult. Fortunately, a generic pentagram like the one shown above is not automatically satanic symbol, so while it can be a concern, it's not a serious one.

Games and fiction in general like to use pentagrams in their depictions of magic and magical rituals. These depictions are darker than the gentle fairy tale magics seen in works aimed at younger children, and should be considered with more caution as a result.

But, a pentagram can be a satanic symbol. When this is the case, the star and the pentagon around it is pointed downwards. If there is a goat's head inside the star, then it is explicitly a satanic reference and a serious concern.

There is also a closely related symbol, called a pentacle*, which is less controversial.

A generic pentagram

A satanic pentagram

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