Glossary Entry: Pentacle

Quick Definition

A pentacle is a simple design that features a perfect star nestled in a circle. This design has been used by many different religions, including Christianity where it was linked to the Nativity. In more modern times, it's use is more commonly associated with Wicca or other druidic non-Christian faiths. Contrary to what you might expect, a pentacle is not inherently satanic or worth getting concerned about.

In games, pentacles are typically used as a generic reference to magic, and are usually not a big concern. More often, games will feature pentacle-like designs with a symmetrical star that has more than five points rather than a true pentacle. In those cases, it's just a design and not even worth mentioning beyond whether or not it looks pretty.

However, while a generic pentacle isn't worrisome, specific pentacles designs actually are intended to be satanic. These variants begin by inverting the symbol so that the star points downwards. This reference is often reinforced by the addition of a goat's head, a double circle or both, making it very clear what it is intended to represent.

Also see the related symbol, the pentagram.

A generic pentacle

A satanic pentacle

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