Glossary Entry: Cheat code

Quick Definition

A cheat code is a common method of cheating*. These codes are special sequences of otherwise normal input that trigger something unique in the game. Typically, a cheat code changes the way the game's engine* handles one or more of the game's rules, but sometimes they simply give the player powerups*.

Here are a few popular examples:

[*]Grand Theft Auto 3 Typing GUNSGUNSGUNS during the game will give the player every weapon in the game plus a lot of ammunition. [*]Doom Typing IDDQD will enable god mode*, which will last until the end of the current level. The odd combination of letters comes from the name of the game's developer (id Software) and a fictional fraternity, Delta-Quit-Delta. [*]The Konami Code One of the most famous cheat codes in gaming is the Konami Code*. See that article for more details.

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