Glossary Entry: Cheat code

Quick Definition

A cheat code is a common method of cheating. These codes are special sequences of otherwise normal input that trigger something unique in the game. Typically, a cheat code changes the way the game's engine handles one or more of the game's rules, but sometimes they simply give the player powerups.

Here are a few popular examples:

[*]Grand Theft Auto 3 Typing GUNSGUNSGUNS during the game will give the player every weapon in the game plus a lot of ammunition. [*]Doom Typing IDDQD will enable god mode, which will last until the end of the current level. The odd combination of letters comes from the name of the game's developer (id Software) and a fictional fraternity, Delta-Quit-Delta. [*]The Konami Code One of the most famous cheat codes in gaming is the Konami Code. See that article for more details.

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