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Review: Hidden Expidition Titanic

At a Glance

ESRB Rating: E - Everyone
My Rating: Everyone
Genre: Hidden Object
License: Commercial
Release Year: 2006
Review Published On: August 27th, 2016
Played on: Martha & Thaddeus

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Save System:

In theory your progress is saved as you complete each section of the ship (not each level; each set of levels). That's bad enough, but on Windows 10, it doesn't close properly, and thus doesn't save your progress at all.

Summary of
Major Issues:

Since you're searching through an old shipwreck, it's not real surprising to learn that someone's skeleton is still drifting around in the current.


[view screenshot]
The dead bartender

[view screenshot]
Patching up a torn photo

[view screenshot]
Today's reason for looting the wrecked ship

Game Overview

Having played through a number of hidden object games over the years, this one was a real disappointment, and I'm sorry to say that it's one of the very few games I've reviewed on this site that I cannot recommend. While I was playing it, I got the impression that the developers were either on a very limited budget or weren't really interested in making a quality product. It feels like too many shortcuts were made in the design of the game, resulting a subpar title.

The gameplay is fairly standard for a hidden object game, but it feels very generic as there's almost nothing beyond the hidden object scenes themselves. There's no story tying things together, nor is any reason given for why you're poking around the famous shipwreck. You're just sort of there.

In each part of the game, you're given a choice of several rooms that you can explore, and you're free to switch between them as much as you like until everything in a room has been located. However, you don't have much time to hang around, as there's a limited amount of oxygen in your tank and this time limit is shared between every scene in a stage. Hints cost you a little oxygen, so you can't use them frequently. That's pretty reasonable, but you also lose oxygen when you click on something that isn't collectible. The problem there is that the list of things you're looking for is rather vague, and there are sometimes several objects in the scene that could be the item you're after.

Each scene also has a number of gemstones hidden throughout it. These are optional, and while they are usually easy to spot, there doesn't appear to be a benefit in collecting them.

There are also two brief minigames: one involves reassembling an old photo, and the other is the final chance to break into the captain's personal safe. Both seem out of place, as this is an otherwise straightforward hidden object game.

Fixing the issues this game has would've been simple enough: either make the lists clearer or ensure that there was only one object in the scene that fit the given description, give the gemstones a use (currency for buying hints perhaps?), and give the player some sort of reason for visiting the Titanic.

As it stands, you're better off playing another game.

Points of Interest

Lots of repetition
There are fourteen stages, but you'll find yourself searching through the same scenes multiple times per playthrough. Worse, the items list seem to be pretty limited for each scene, so you'll frequently end up looking for the same thing several times. This gets old rather quickly.
Even the music gets repetitive
The background music is nice enough to set some atmosphere, but after a few scenes it becomes what is better described as an upset whale and you'll find yourself turning the sound off so you can stop hearing it.
Animations get in the way
This is a neat little effect: When you click on something other than a gem, the item gets a little balloon and it floats away like it's being sent to the surface. Unfortunately, while the animations are neat, the game ignores all input while they are going on. This means that every time you find an item, you're stuck waiting for it to float away before you can continue. This just drags an already dull game out even further.
Item names are often strange
Hidden object games are basically a scavenger hunt. Understanding what you're supposed to be searching for should be a vital thing. Here though the item list is often a bigger puzzle than finding the object. For example, you could be asked to find a "sand powered clock", something most of us would simply call an "hourglass".
Your list can also describe multiple items in the scene
For extra annoyance, sometimes the objects described in your list actually describe more than one object in the scene. It's up to you to guess which item is meant, and you'll be penalized if you guess wrong.
Doesn't work on Windows 10
For those of us playing games on our modern PCs, this game is a complete waste of money. Aside from the problems already pointed out above, this game isn't able to properly close, and that results in it being unable to save any of your progress.

Concerns and Issues

There's one corpse
Naturally, since this adventure takes place on a shipwreck you can expect to find someone's skeleton. As shown in the screenshot above, it's found behind the bar, still dressed up to serve drinks for eternity.
Clean otherwise
Aside from that possibly unsettling sight, there isn't anything offensive worth mentioning, save perhaps the potential moral dilemma in taking stuff from a shipwreck.