Glossary Entry: Spawn camping

Quick Definition

Multiplayer games often have the players separate into two or more teams. Each team is assigned their own spawn point, allowing members of the team to respawn in a safe location should they meet an untimely demise on the battlefield.

Respawning can be disorienting, as you go from one location to another very suddenly. By placing the spawn points in a secluded location, the respawning player has time to reorient themselves and possibly collect fresh equipment, should the game cause them to lose their items when they are killed.

Spawn camping is an abuse of this mechanic. Instead of playing fairly, some players may sneak into an area near the opposing team's spawn point. When someone respawns, these "campers" then ambush the player before they can orient or arm themselves, scoring a very cheap kill. By repeatedly attacking respawning players, they can prevent them from helping their side while they gain kill after kill.

Understandably, spawn camping is considered a form of cheating or fowl play and will frequently get the offenders kicked or banned.

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