Glossary Entry: Mod (gaming)

Quick Definition

A mod is an alteration (ie, modification) of a device or piece of software. Most of the time, software mods are made and provided by third parties, as mods made by the program's developers usually fall under DLC in some way.

In some cases, mods are used to allow users to bypass copy protection or otherwise use something illegally. This is often the case on consoles, which are usually designed to detect and reject games that have been altered or made on unlicensed disks.

However, modding is very popular in computer gaming as it lets the player tweak a game to their liking. In many cases a game's developer will even encourage the use of mods as it prolongs the lifespan of the game's marketability. Thus, many games have modding tools or features included.

Steam's Workshop takes this to a new level, as it provides a simple means to distribute and market the mods within the game's community.

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