Glossary Entry: Interface screw

Quick Definition

Normally, an interface is designed so that the player can easily control their characters and interact with the game's world. However, something in a game may distort or otherwise alter the interface temporarily. These distortions are usually meant to disorient or confuse the player, and are known as an "interface screw".

A lot of the time, these are the symptom of a debuff caused by an enemy attack. For example, a "confusion" debuff can have your character move right when you press left and vice versa. Another example would be an effect that causes the entire screen to warp and discolor, making it extremely hard to see what you're trying to do.

In worst-case scenarios, what you see on screen can have no relation to what is actually present in the game's world, leading to characters attacking thin air or attempting to eat rocks thinking they were dinner rolls.

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