Useful Links

Looking for more interesting or useful places to visit online? Here's a selection of some sites that stand out for one reason or another.

Bible Studies

Moody Radio
This is the online version of a wonderful Christian radio station. You can listen to broadcasts for free, and Iíve found that they make good listening material for relaxing games that donít include their own soundtrack. Among the sows they offer, Treasured Truth is my favorite.

Bible Gateway
Here you can read the Bible online, with additional resources like commentaries and other study aids. The most distinguishing feature is the incredibly large number of translations that are available. These translations aren't limited to English either, so finding a version of the Bible in your native language should be just as simple. Reading your favorite Bible translation online could hardly be easier.

Bible Study Tools
Another site dedicated to studying the Bible, this site also features an interlinear Bible, which allows you to check the NIV or King James translations against the original Greek and Hebrew sources. Unfortunately, this site is a little hard to navigate, and it's easy to accidentally leave the interlinear Bible pages when browsing.

Video Game Websites

Guide 2 Games
This is currently the only other Christian video game review site I know of that seems reasonably grounded. They tend to focus more on console games, which would make them a perfect compliment to God Minded Gaming, as my site is mainly about PC gaming.