PC Game Reviews

While a complete alphabetical listing of every game I've reviewed is useful when you're looking for something specific, it might be more useful to narrow your search if you're just browsing. To make things easier, I've prepared five lists for you to choose from. While each listing provides the same basic information, the titles they only include titles that meet a given criteria.

Currently, the following lists are available:

The Big Alphabetical Listing
Every review on this site is listed on this page, regardless of the game's rating or quality. This is the list you want to view if you're trying to find a specific review.
Recommended Games Only
If you're interested in finding a new game to play, and want to make sure that it doesn't contain anything too objectionable or contrary to Christian values, then this is the list you want. The only games listed here are those that were marked as being reasonably consistent with a Christian outlook on life and morality.
Family-friendly Games
Like any other media, video games are produces with various audiences in mind. This means that some games are aimed at mature audiences. This listing omits games that contain material inappropriate for the younger gamers, making it easier to find some fun entertainment that the kids can enjoy.
Free Games
Surprise! You can actually get something for nothing these days. A lot of games are available for free, and this list provides links to the ones I've reviewed so far.
Personal Favorites
Not every game out there is really worth playing. The games listed here are the ones I found to be particularly fun. A word of caution though: this list doesn't take into account the game's content; it only judges them on whether or not they were fun to play.
Upcoming Reviews
This final list is a little different than the others. Instead of listing what I've already reviewed, this page provides a window into what I'm looking at or thinking about reviewing in the near future. The contents of this page can become obsolete quickly, as I have a tendency to change my own plans without warning.