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Review: Windowframe

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Quick Info

Gore & Brutality Magic Sex Civility Religious Objections
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This would be a problem in most games

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Dealing with the first vampire

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Preparing easy wall jumps

General Information

Genre:Platformer ESRB Rating:NR - Not Rated
License:Freeware My Rating:Children (6+)
Played on:Thaddeus
Available from: Itch.IO

General Overview

Windowframe would be an otherwise normal platformer if it wasn't for its unique twist on gameplay. As the name suggests, the border of the game's window ( otherwise known as the window's frame) is considered to be part of the environment. You can walk on it, slide down the sides or even wall jump off it. Making things a little simpler, you're provided with several stakes that you can throw against the window border to fix it in place. This way you can easily resize the window to hide spikes or other hazards.

Those stakes aren't just for manipulating the window either. You're given seven stakes to use during your adventure so that you can hunt down and slay seven vampires that roam the game's levels. Making things difficult is that the vampires can also control the window border, and they often use it to crush your character or force you into dangerous situations. Additionally, once you fling a stake into a vampire, you can never use it again. This means the number of window frames you can control gradually shrinks as the game continues.

It's not a long game, but it's pretty fun, so I'd suggest taking this one for a spin one rainy afternoon.


Infinite retries
Death is just a mild tap on the wrist here. If you touch a spike or otherwise get hurt, your character goes "poof!", and the level restarts. Don't worry about spending a lot of time backtracking; each level is one screen long. Thus, any time you restart a level, you're just starting that one screen over again.

Skip levels you don't want to play
Some of the levels can be a little tricky to work through. If you want to skip a level, just press P and you'll move on as if you'd finished the level normally. Of course, this trick doesn't work with the last vampire - to witness the ending, you need to complete the last level yourself. Most of the time though this can get you unstuck.


Moderate to high difficulty curve
Many of the levels are just basic platforming puzzles with a twist, and they aren't terribly hard. Others, especially the levels with a vampire, require much more effort. The final battle is very hard, as the last vampire takes several hits, moves around, and shoots fireballs at you.

Concerns and Issues

Vampire slaying and other mild violence
When something dies in this game, it just pops out of existence in a little wisp of smoke. This is pretty mild when it comes to violence, and whenever you restart a level all of the enemies reappear like nothing happened.

The vampires don't really do anything special either; they simply appear as red caped pale men that float about. Most of them don't even move.