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Review: Hill Climb Racing

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Quick Info

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Additional Notes
This game is free! You can buy in-game items with real money. This is an app. This game displays advertising.


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Dirt bike meets dirt road

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Tank vs Skeleton

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Huston, we have no problems

General Information

Genre:Endless Runner ESRB Rating:E - Everyone
License:Commercial My Rating:Children (6+)
Played on:Thaddeus
Available from: Microsoft Store

General Notes

When I saw this trending in the Windows Store, I picked it up expecting it to be a vehicle themed endless runner. While you probably could argue that Hill Climb Racing falls into this genre, the ability to go backwards and the focus on performing stunts prevents it from fitting neatly into that box.

Regardless of what genre you decide to classify it under, this is a real gem for casual players and a game I'd suggest giving a try.

Gameplay Overview

Your goal is to get as far to the right as possible. This sounds easy enough, but this wouldn't be much of a game if there wasn't something else going on. Each level has its own type of terrain, ranging from everyday grass and sand to harder surfaces like pavement and stone. Some of the levels also feature different amounts of gravity, and others have ceilings cover portions of the level. In a few levels, there are even objects that block your progress. These changes don't seem like much, but you'll need to be a little careful about how and what you drive in these environments.

The biggest obstacle is your vehicle's limited fuel supply. When you run out of fuel, the level automatically ends. More gas can be found throughout the level, but depending on how you're driving, you might not be able to reach the powerup in time.

Once the level ends, you get a quick list of stats about your attempt and a snapshot you can save or upload to social media. Back in the menus, you can spend the coins you earned on new vehicles, new stages or upgrades for any vehicle.


Simple & fun
It's extremely easy to learn how to play Hill Climb Racing, and since each run through a level will take only a minute or two, it's a game you can pick up and play casually.

Lots of vehicles
Each vehicle has some uniqueness about it that prevents it from being just a reskin of a generic, all-purpose base. For example, the bikes tend to be better at performing flips during jumps, while heavier vehicles are more suited to plow through objects blocking your path. Every vehicle can also be upgraded in four different ways, improving the way it handles.

Many levels to play
There's a surprisingly large selection of places to drive, and more continue to be added. You have your typical options of grassy hills, sandy beaches, a highway and a cave, but more exotic locations like the moon, mars and a nuclear plant are also present. Speaking of presents, there are a few holiday themed levels too!

High scores are recorded by vehicle
Each level maintains its own high scores, allowing you to see just how far you've progressed. Additionally, its records how well you've done with each vehicle. This is useful since some of the vehicles are better suited to specific levels than others.


Ad supported
Banner ads are shown in a few places on the menus. In the levels themselves, no ads are shown and at no point in the game are video ads played. Chances are, you might not even notice there are ads there at all.

In game purchases
You can purchase more coins using real money from the in game store. The button for the store is prominently displayed on some of the menus, but you should be able to continue with out spending money on things. Honestly, you can earn coins quickly enough by playing the game, so this isn't really needed.

Concerns and Issues

Bone snapping
When your driver touches any part of the level, they'll be instantly killed and the sound of bone crunching can be heard. This is by far the most common way a drive will end, so you're going to hear that crunch a lot.

You run over evil skeletons in the Halloween level
One of the newest levels is a Halloween themed level with a haunted house, ghosts, graveyard, pumpkins and angry skeletons blocking your way. While the jack o' lanterns are easily run over, the skeletons need to be crushed in order for you to continue.